The first non-profit security force.

Texas Defense Force Security is the first, and as far as we know, the only “not-for-profit” security company that is Licensed in the State of Texas.

Under our license, we can perform security guard functions, accept bodyguard assignments, and conduct private investigations anywhere in the Lone Star State. Through our network of volunteer officers, we are able to raise the bar on standards, increase training capabilities, provide assistance to law enforcement, first responders, and even assist in disaster recovery.

We provide licensed, FBI background-checked, certified good guys to secure what is commonly referred to as “soft targets” such as events, concerts, and festivals.

To use our skills to promote that kind of tangible safety and stability is what we are all about.

As volunteers, we can provide our services to an event that might
not get the attention that they need from the big names in Security here in Texas.

We have the ability to tailor a custom security plan for everything from large, week-long events all the way down to doing bodyguard work for a husband or wife going through a nasty custody dispute, under death threats. And as our contingent of officers grows statewide and the word spreads, our capabilities will only increase.

Texas Defense Force Security works from donations/fund-raising as our officers are not paid like for-profit companies.

If you’re interested in securing the services of a company on the cutting edge of security for needs large or small, we invite you to contact us.