This code name conveys the notion of vigilance and watchfulness, represented by the Sentinel, while Shadow suggests discreet and covert operations. It implies the project’s mission to safeguard election integrity through careful and unseen measures, ensuring the fairness and accuracy of the electoral process. 

Are you weary of the erosion of integrity within our sacred constitutional process, feeling disheartened by the dishonesty that has infiltrated it? Uncertain of what steps to take or how to address this issue? It's time to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth that not everyone operates with honesty, a realization that has spurred us into action. Leading organizations are set to diligently monitor inside voting places, ensuring adherence to voter laws.

However, we are preparing to unveil an unprecedented, covert initiative. Brace yourselves for a riveting transformation! In the interest of operational security, we are meticulously navigating a stringent approval and placement process, tailored to your availability, skills, and location throughout the state for our dedicated volunteers. We've witnessed the depths to which those seeking to harm our nation are willing to sink in their attempts to cheat. Rest assured, we are ready to confront them head-on, adhering strictly to the law. This mission calls for steadfast warriors, committed to sending an unequivocal message: we will no longer tolerate their illicit actions without a resolute response! Get ready for a remarkable journey ahead.


We are looking for the following:

  • Anyone over 18 located anywhere in Texas

Positions we are looking for:

Area Leadership will be selected for each large voting area in Texas with special emphasis on those cities with proven voter fraud track records. This person will be someone who is extremely knowledgeable of Voting Laws in Texas and area voting practices. We are going to introduce technology and practices never used before.

Once we have formed our leadership, we will begin workshops on the collection, filtering, and accountability practices in voting activity statewide. Every Texan who is concerned with the election process should stand and participate. Our task will be an ambitious one and we have a need for Texans of all legal age.

Our timeline is to form leadership before December 15 and have teams formed by January for our first workshops. We will then prepare our first engagement in March for the primary races, refine our processes, and get ready for the 2024 elections.